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Refrigerant Slider

The tool covers more than 70 different refrigerants. You will be able to see both the dew point and the boiling point for refrigerants in case of temperature slip.

Frequently Asked Questions

When placing an order, select the currency USD/EUR and after entering your data, pay with a bank card online. During the payment, your personal account will be automatically created in which the courses you have paid for or course packages will be opened to you. The password and login from your personal account will be automatically sent to your specified email address upon successful payment of the courses.

If you do not get anything regarding online payment, there is a possibility of payment by transfer to a card, write to us the button next to Viber / Whatsapp +79787847916 or by email: and we will send you the details for payment.

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After gaining access, you will be able to download all the lectures and view them without the Internet, even on board the ship. Sailors just very often take these lectures on a voyage in order to spend evenings on the ship with maximum benefit. By studying and working through video lectures, you form the basis for successful work on board and speedy career growth.

To work in a decent shipping company at the moment, knowledge of English in the specialty is already an obvious reality with which many experienced sailors will agree. Starting with an interview with a shipping / crewing company, communication on board when working in a mixed crew and studying the operating instructions for ship systems and mechanisms, English is needed everywhere. On a modern ship, English is the base on which everything is built. Our team individually trains seafarers in the direction of Maritime English. If you have a desire, write and we will enroll you in the courses “English for Ship Mechanics” The cost of Individual work depends on your tasks and goals. The duration of the lesson is at least 1 hour.

On an individual basis, we will be happy to help you prepare for an interview with crewing and shipping companies. The cost of Individual work with Alexander Sergeevich will be 50 EUR. The duration of the lesson will be at least 1 hour. For recording, please write to us the button next to the screen. Or Viber/Whatsapp +79787847916 Email:

We will be happy to help you if you do not have any experience at sea yet. He will instruct you in detail about the necessary documents. We will select courses to prepare for interviews and confident work on board. We will work with you individually if necessary. If you need help, write to us, the button is next to it.

This step in your career always requires a certain push, the AtSea project team tried to collect all the necessary courses and created a package of “Promotion” courses that will allow you to prepare in detail for an interview with a Shipping / Crewing company, as well as feel more confident on board for the first time already as a Mechanic.


We know exactly what is needed

In the process of preparing for an interview with a crewing or shipping company, seafarers break through tons of literature, search for information about questions and correct answers on forums. In our courses, we cover topics related to working at sea by 99% in an accessible form and all in one place. The experience of working at sea and dozens of trained sailors for the interview give you the base that you need for a successful interview and confident work on board a modern vessel.

Access to courses

By paying for access to a certain course or a package of lectures, you get access with the ability to download and view these lectures at any time, even far from shore on board a ship

Everything is strictly on business

All our courses are author's work, not a retelling of the literature of the 80s mixed with sea tales, but professional, detailed information from the operating instructions of ship systems and mechanisms of modern ships. The course contains exactly what crew members often have to face on board and provides clear instructions, recommendations on the right actions in a given situation. Knowledge is the "bread" for a sailor on board a modern ship

subscription to courses

The At Sea team records new lectures and courses on an ongoing basis. Webinars and online conferences are held after acquiring full access to the entire package of lectures, you will have the opportunity to subscribe and always be aware of new works