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Inert gas system on board

Speaker and author of the course: Senior Mechanic, Technical Superintendent

Temnikov Alexandr Sergeevich

Additional information:

Course Description

In this project is described in details construction peculiarities and key futures for Inert Gas System, that are widely installed on board of GAS Fleet and Tanker Fleet too. It is observed designation of next modes of the unit:

– Dry Air Mode
– Wet Air Mode
– Dry Inert Gas Mode

We speak in details about main elements of the system, such as:

– Inert Gas Blowers Unit
– Inert Gas Gas Oil Pump Unit
– Inert Gas Generator Burner Unit
– Water Chiller Unit
– Inert Gas Dryer

Designation and futures for each element is discussed and supplemented by photo and video material from board of modern vessel, that are equipped by this installation.

The project will be interested for first familiarization to Engineers, who didn’t work with its plant in past, but going to work with it in future. Project includes a lot of useful information, that are dedicated on construction peculiarities, operation and maintenance futures, as well as all course is based on accumulated experience of employment Inert Gas System on board of modern vessels.

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