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Incinirator on bard

Speaker and author of the course: Senior Mechanic, Technical Superintendent

Temnikov Alexandr Sergeevich

Additional information:

Course Description

The Project «Incinerator on board» is described in details specificity of constriction, operation process and maintenance of the incinerators, that are installed on board of modern vessels.

            The main tusk of this project is to familiarise Engineers with modern incinerator and to give the knowledges for further safe and proper operation of this units on board. It includes information about 2 modes of incinerator: Sludge Mode and Solid Wastes Mode. The principle of incinerator operation is based on sludge preparation, this process is directed on water elimination by means of steam. The lecture is based on next units:

  • Observation of incinerators elements
  • Fuel burners for first and second chambers
  • Sludge burner
  • Observation of construction specificities for Milling Pump
  • Observation of construction specificities for Dosing Pump
  • Observation of the drawing and designation of Waste Oil service and Settling tanks
  • Observation of Controlling unit for the incinerator and principles of burner adjustment in accordance the temperature in the chamber
  • Safe measures and requirements of MARPOL convention during the incinerator operation on board


            This project will be interested for Engineers, who start their career and for Engineers, who work in Marine Industry not one year, but have some gaps in knowledges, interconnected with Incinerators, or for Seafarers, who worked with old type incinerators and want to improve their knowledges about modern two chamber incinerators.

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