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Vessel Dry Dock and Shipyard Repair for Engineers and Superintendents

Speaker and author of the course: Senior Mechanic, Technical Superintendent

Temnikov Alexandr Sergeevich

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Course Description

On the regular basis all vessels required dry dock and Shipyard.  It doesn’t depend from type and size of the vessel; Classification societies give number of requirements based on it Technical Manager shall plan, arrange and timely carry out shipyard repair of the vessel. Before Dry Dock and Shipyard repair there is lot of jobs that are supposed to be carried by crew. Assistance with Dry Dock Job Specification and following Dry Dock jobs on bard of the vessel go on shoulder of the crew.

That course will be interesting for the Engineers and Superintendents because describe specific process of the jobs that need to be carried out accordingly before vessel Dry Dock and Shipyard repair from both sides from board and from office accoringly.

That course will describe following:

  1. When preparation jobs for the Dry Dock and Shipyard repair to be started?
  2. Responsibility of the Crew and Superintendent before DD and Shipyard Repair.
  3. Vessel Dry Dock Job Specification and Quotation of the Shipyards.
  4. Detailed analysis of spare part list and services that required for the vessel DD and Shipyard repair.
  5. Search and choose of the Shipyard for the vessel repair.
  6. Vessel preparation before DD and Shipyard repair
  7. Documents required by Shipyard from board of the vessel and office accoringly.
  8. First days in the Shipyard, hull jobs, engine room jobs and deck jobs accoringly.
  9. Hull high pressure water washing, blasting and painting jobs. Cooperation with Paint Supervisor
  10. Cooperation with Class Surveyor during Vessel Dry Dock and Shipyard Repair.
  11. Completion of the vessel shipyard repair, sea trials and Class documents

Above that is only short list of the items and questions that are scheduled to be discussed during AtSea Webinar.

Aleksandr Temnikov – main Speaker of the Course – Vessel Dry Dock and Shipyard Repair of the Vessel for the Engineers and Superintendents

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