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AMOS For Engineers

Speaker and author of the course: Senior Mechanic, Technical Superintendent

Temnikov Alexandr Sergeevich

Additional information:

DESCRIPTION OF THE course package

Project «AMOS for Engineers» is rapid and effective method for familiarization with one the most common programs, that are widely used on board for effective management of works, such as: maintenance of mechanisms, organization of applications, orders and supply of spare parts. Knowledges, that are interconnected with specificity of this program is depended your ability to organize schedule of works, to execute and report about finished works on board. In this course is added information about distribution of all mechanisms on board and binding of spare parts in accordance with this mechanism. The works, that are carried out on board, are binding to components and for effective filtration of works exists special filters.

            In this course is observed next principles of work:

  • Method of the work with filters
  • Control principle for further works
  • Creating of schedule for works
  • Accomplishing of unscheduled works and report about it
  • Principle of white-off of spare parts after the maintenance
  • Principle of keeping a history of completed works
  • Accounting principle for spent labour resources during maintenance
  • Principle of renewing for working hours.
  • Method of requests creation for spare parts and consumables in Automatic and Manual Mode with using of Wish List function.
  • Principle of request activation by Chief Engineer
  • Analysis and description of full scheme for request from creation and for a moment of receiving on board
  • Principle of database renewing for spare parts after the receiving of details and further keeping of database in current state.


            This course will be interested as for young Engineers and for skilled Seafarers, who are going to work in modern Marine Companies, where linkage «shore-vessel» is more computerized. Yours ability to interact with AMOS in tight deadlines gives you big opportunity to work successfully in modern conditions.

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