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FOX v.2.4.0

LO and FO Automatic Filters on baord

Speaker and author of the course: Senior Mechanic, Technical Superintendent

Temnikov Alexandr Sergeevich

Additional information:

Course Description

Project «Automatic Filter» is issued for detail observation of construction peculiarities, operation and maintenance specificity for automatic filters Boll and Kirch. It described next units:

  • Construction of the pneumatic side
  • Specificity of the separation the Fuel/Oil
  • Principle of operation for the backflushing 
  • Separation of oil before dumping in sump tank
  • Maintenance for sludge chamber
  • Maintenance for filter candles
  • It is observed general failures of the unit as well recommended spare parts
  • Detail Analysis of the drawing with operating in different modes
  • Video material of working process and maintenance from board of modern vessel, that is equipped by auto filter.

        This project will be interested for Engineers, who start their career and for Engineers, who work in Marine Industry not one year, but have some gaps in knowledges, interconnected with Auto Filters Ball and Kirch. Also, course is designated for Seafarers, who are going to work with its filters and haven’t got any experience.

During the investigation of this project, you familiarize with a lot of specificities for Auto Filters Ball&Kirch.

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