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“Diesel Generators on board”

Speaker and author of the course: Senior Mechanic, Technical Superintendent

Temnikov Alexandr Sergeevich

Additional information:

Course Description

Besides skillful hands, safety operation of diesel generators first of all include knowledges of construction, regulations of technical operation and maintenance. During investigation of this course, you will understand a lot of vital moments, that are exerted on proper and safe operation of diesel generators on board. Composition of the course is based on accumulated experience, real stories from Engineer’s Sea life and coupled to consistent secrets from huge manuals of maintenance and operation. Devised course will help you understand all subtleties of working with Diesel Generators on aboard and grow in Marine Industry.

Total indication of construction peculiarities of diesel generators on the board are reflected in the first course. AtSea includes special comments and general question about working condition of diesel generators, quality of atomisation and flammability of the fuel that is interconnected with temperature of exhaust gases. Selection of fuel characteristics   such as cetane index and CCAI, influence of it on fuel ignition and temperature of exhaust gases. Firing order and regulation of tappet clearance are also mentioned in this course. Analysis of technical peculiarities and environment protection rules (NOx and SOx parameters) are taken into account. We speak about NOx technical file and interrelated marking of main parts of diesel generators.

Expressed key futures of vital diesel generator parts:

  • Turbocharger
  • Charge air cooler
  • Governor
  • Fuel injector
  • High pressure fuel pump
  • Fuel oil supply pump
  • Fuel and oil filter
  • Oil pump
  • Oil cooler
  • Fresh water pump

Special attention is directed to peculiarities of cylinder piston group, crankshaft and bearings. Maintenance and characteristics of main bearings, big end bearing and small end bearings. Analysis of white metal – construction and composition of alloy. At the conclusion we will discuss about important questions:

  • How does cylinder head and valves cooled?
  • Why it is important check oil pressure of turbine?
  • How do you can check oil leakage into air side?
  • What is starting air system?
  • What is direct start air system?
  • What is air motor? Where Is it used? What is air-distributor?

This course includes consistent answers about certain systems of modern diesel generators:

  • Air starting system equipped with air motor
  • Fuel system
  • Oil lubricating system

 Full analysis of main parts of each system is carried out.

            This course will be interested of All Seafarers: young Engineers, who are responsible for diesel generators and for skilled persons, who have aspiration increase their knowledges and competency.

This course is designated for investigation of construction and technical futures of next systems:

  • Fresh water system
  • Water cooled injector nozzles
  • Alarm monitoring system of diesel generators

This course is designated for investigation of construction and technical futures of next systems:

  • Search and troubleshooting of fresh water system. Specificity of the search
  • Diagnostics and elimination of the troubles with water cooled injectors. Specificity of operation and maintenance
  • Alarm monitoring system of diesel generator
  • Cause of shutdown
  • Governor’s futures

            Purpose of this course is investigation of troubleshooting. As segregate unit – it is observation of maintenance for diesel generator operation system + alarm monitoring system.

            Course is useful for Cadets, Motormen, Engineers, who just have started their career, and for Engineers, who have waited for career advancement.

In this course is carried out answers for practical questions interrelated with maintenance of fuel equipment, which are installed on modern diesel generators. This course contains thoroughly description of injector’s overhaul and further operation of it.

            Please, pay attention for cylinder head overhaul procedure of diesel generator, which are include consistent steps, such as: dismantling and inspection of main parts with further maintenance of them. As distinct unit of this course is occurred process of air starting valve overhaul. We will answer on question interconnected with failures of starting valves, construction peculiarities and methods of determination of the troubles.

            This course contains videos and pictures, which will assist you to expand your knowledges.

Target of this course is to acquaint you with maintenance of fuel equipment.  It includes injectors overhaul procedure, complexity and specifically moments of this procedure.

            We have detail description of cylinder head disassembling, analysis of main parts and procedure of further assembling.           

            As individual part of this course we add and comment procedure of Air Staring valve overhaul. We discuss reasons of failure and methods of it repair.

At the commencement of this course, we speak about alarm monitoring system and set points of the alarms. During this course we implement survey of temperature of exhaust gases and how does it is interrelated with maximum pressure of combustion of each cylinder (Temperature of exhaust gases and Pz)

Special attention is determined on Pz (Maximum pressure of combustion), Pe (Mean indicator pressure) and fuel injection timing. All these parameters are defined by means of real 4-stroke engine indicator diagram.  Calculation of the wear of high pressure fuel pumps and influence of it on Pz (Maximum pressure of combustion). You will aware by cylinder parameters such as: Pz, Pc, Pi, Pe.

This course will familiarize you with Monthly report. It includes collection of all engine parameters, evaluation of efficiency, and it detail analysis. During this process we speak about interdependence of condition of high pressure fuel pumps and pressure of combustion in the cylinders(Pz). We discuss about benefit of valve impellers, maintenance and evaluation of their condition. It is carried out observation of temperature of exhaust gases, maximum pressure of combustion and temperatures of fuel, oil and fresh water (LT and HT circuits). Also, examination of linkage between temperature of exhaust gases and condition of nozzle ring is executed. After this we have brief description of turbine and economizer condition.

             In conclusion as segregate unit of this course we have indication of all engine parameters and analysis of foreseen maintenance and possible troubles of each cylinder and diesel generator in the whole.

This course is devised as visual aid of diesel generator overhaul. During this course you will familiarize with such maintenance work as:

  • Dismantling of the piston, cleaning and measuring of it
  • Disassembling and assembling of piston oil rings
  • Dismantling of connection rods, purging, dimension and analysis of its condition
  • Extraction and measurement of main bearings with further analysis of their condition
  • Elimination, dimension of big end bearing with further analysis of their condition
  • Consistent assembling of diesel generator after overhaul procedure.


All this units are supplemented by author’s comments and are very valuable for beginner Engineers for skilled Seafarers, who have aspiration  to increase their knowledges and competency.

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