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Design features and general description of work on board of LNG Carriers

Speaker and author of the course: Senior Mechanic, Technical Superintendent

Temnikov Alexandr Sergeevich

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Course Description

The designation of this project is to familiarize you with detail observation of construction specificity of modern LNG carriers. The project includes information about principle of delivery liquid natural gas in engine room for supplies the Dual Fuel Engines and Boilers, that are used the natural gas as a main kind of fuel. It is observed necessity to keep constant pressure and temperature in LNG tanks to store the cargo with fixed limitation. As a distinct unit of this course, AtSea team prepare information about responsibilities of Engineers during loading and unloading operations on terminal. It is observed physical conditions of natural gas and methane, and specificity of operation, that are interconnected with using of gas as fuel on board of modern Gas Carriers. This course will be interested for Engineers, who want during 1 hour to get information about construction specificity of modern LNG carriers and familiarize with peculiarities of work on board of GAS Fleet, that are most payment way in Marine Industry.

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