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Starting Air Compressor on board

Speaker and author of the course: Senior Mechanic, Technical Superintendent

Temnikov Alexandr Sergeevich

Additional information:

Course Description

This project is issued for detail familiarization with construction peculiarities, operation and maintenance futures for modern reciprocating staring air compressors, that are main part of each starting air system on board. It is observed in details all elements for starting air system, as well as principles of schemes and drawings reading for the pneumatic systems. Lecture comprises data about kinds of fittings, actuators, definition of pipes and types of isolation, that are used on board of modern vessels.

Besides theoretical knowledges, course is dedicated for detail familiarization with maintenance and operation of starting air compressors. Course is based on the overview of the one cylinder, two stage reciprocating compressor, but lecture is supplemented by general information about starting compressors and its maintenance regardless of their type. Also, it Is added signals of alarm monitoring system for compressor and starting system, that can be faced during the work on board.

               This course will be interested for Engineers, who work with this type of compressors and want to increase their knowledges, as well as for Students of Marine Academies, Cadets, Motormen and Engineers, who worked with old types of starting air compressors and going to work on board of modern vessels, where are installed similar compressors. The lecture is based on accumulated experience, and supplemented by drawing, photo and video materials from board of modern vessel. Also, it is given recommendations, interrelated with maintenance and troubleshooting for starting air compressors and system. 

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