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Fuel Oil and Lube Oil Separators on board

Speaker and author of the course: CTO

Temnikov Alexandr Sergeevich

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Course Description

Fuel separation and preparation is vital important task for Marine Engineers. Main unit of each fuel system is gravity purifier. AtSea Team is pleased to announce our new pocket of lectures, that are designated for examination with popular models of purifiers, such as Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi SELFJECTOR, GEA Westfalia. This project includes technical information and such life moments from operation and maintenance, that will be very useful for Marine Engineers. Every lecture is added by author comments and real videos from the vessel board, consequently it will be very easy to understand mentioned theoretical material. Proper familiarization with purifiers will give you sufficient knowledges to move with confidents in Marine Industry

We start our familiarization with purifiers on board from one of the most popular models, such as Alfa Laval S-Type. These purifiers are widely used in Marine industry and installed om modern vessels. Proper observation of main parts and sensors of this unit gives a stable awareness of working process. Also, lecture is added by information of starting procedure, as well as adjustment of working process

Second lecture of project “Purifiers on board” is issued for detail acquaintance with purification principle and starting program of Alfa Laval purifiers S-Type. It is observed thoroughly presence and designation of water in the purifiers. These knowledges are quite important for understanding and in case of emergency will be very useful to fast detection of trouble.

The third lecture of project “Purifiers on board” is directed for detail observation of Alfa Laval S-Type construction peculiarities. Lecture devoted to main parts and key futures of it, as well as link between construction and separation process. This project is a perfect helper for entrance interview preparation and will familiarise you with purifies of this type.

The fourth lecture of project “Purifiers on board” consists of knowledges, that are directed for observation of maintenance, such as bowl dismantling. This lecture is added by practical knowledges, as well as, Author’s comments, that will be very useful in case of operation and maintenance of purifiers this model

Fifth lecture of project “Purifiers on board” is dedicated to bowl assembling process of Alfa Laval S-Type Purifiers. Lecture includes key futures of maintenance and some practical knowledges, that is vital to know, during operation these purifiers.

Sixth lecture of project “Purifiers on board” is continued observation of construction particulars for purifiers Alfa Laval S-Type. Lecture includes information about dismantling and assembling process for water side of purifier, as well as, process of purification. All course is supplemented by Author’s comments and practical knowledges, that are very helpful in case of operation and maintenance for Marine Engineers.

Seventh lecture of project “Purifiers on board” is directed on surveillance of drive gear construction dismantling process. Lecture is supplemented by practical comments, as well includes information about sensors, that are installed on purifiers of this model.

Course no. 8 is devoted to the process of Separator Drive Gear assembling. Installatioin of the Oil pump, Ball bearings, Vibration dampers, Operating Water Cover, Neck bearing cover, bowl spindle and top bearing housing are described in details. That course will give you detailed information that will bring you confedence during operation and maintenance of the Alfa Laval Separatros. 

Course no.9 is devoted to the Alarm monitoring system and explanation of the Alarms of the Alfa Laval Separators.  That course will bring you knowladge of the Alfa Laval System handling and actions that need to be done by Engineer to solve the operational problem cause alarm activation. 

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